Friday, June 15, 2012

Required watching!

Well it might be if it weren't 197 episodes and counting but this series of videos illustrating test driven development (TDD) in Java and Eclipse are really excellent. I'm currently up to episode 25 (since yesterday... addicted!) and already I have learnt so much about:

  • writing tests up front
  • emergent design
  • AND just how magical eclipse is when it comes to generating code and refactoring in Java

I really recommend watching some of these. It starts with a completely blank application so I would go from there.

I really want some of these IDE features in the OCode development we do too. And I can see that there may be some mileage in that.

Now i can't wait for James' new series that I gladly helped fund on Kickstarter.

2 things that have got me excited recently in one package - TDD and server side Javascript... Yay, Node.js!

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