Thursday, June 7, 2012

Error handling in C

An interesting and somewhat familiar set of macros for error handling in C:

A possible coding standard. Not with the debug flags (I hate debug builds!) but interesting all the same. I can see this approach getting rid of some of the over indentation caused by checking return values. As a coding standard though, I am resistant to always using the return value of a function as an error code... maybe I shouldn't be.

The most interesting part is that it looks and behaves like exception handling to an extent. A problem which is altogether too difficult to mess around with in C. However by stopping short of trying to automatically pass you back up the stack perhaps this does capture some of the essence (read value). A good, lean application of the 80/20 rule.

Still, to retrofit this stuff would likely fall short of being lean. Maybe I can mix it into the the Object Oriented C stuff I started working on.

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