Sunday, June 17, 2012

Object Oriented C - Part 2

Now that I have detailed my existing pattern it's time to start working on an easier to implement/maintain replacement. To do this I need to start thinking about how to test it. After all I am fully embracing test driven development these days.

One thing I forgot of course when detailing the existing pattern is how to use it in an application. I think that part at least is pretty straight forward but just to complete the square, here's an example main.c:

So here are the tests although I haven't used the unit test framework I might use ordinarily (I didn't want to cloud the details and introduce more dependencies). Again I haven't run this code (currently working in OSx and the OpenTV IDE only runs on Windows) but as soon as I do I'll correct any mistakes found and likely add it to my previously created project in GitHub (currently lying empty)

One last thing for this post though, I thought of a better name for my project. From Object Oriented OCode we get OOOCode. That's right... Oooooo, code ;) (or Oh! Oh! Oh! Code - haven't decided)

Previous link is now almost certainly broken so here's a new one.

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