Saturday, September 21, 2013

AWS Revisited - the birth of

I've been playing with Chef a lot recently, mainly with Vagrant to separate and control development environments, but now I feel the need to get fully into the whole DevOps thing. With that in mind I'm going to see if can't get something running in a whole continuous deployment kind of way with AWS.

What to build though? To be honest I don't really care so first I figured, how about a personal web site. Then I realised that I may like to blog about the experience and remembered this blog. Then I had a moment and thought what about a blog site that documents the process of building itself (Wooooah!).

What about a name then? Well, as I'm building something and maybe hope that people will visit it I've gone for '' (now duly registered) in honour of the Kevin Costner classic 'Field of Dreams', ghosts are not welcome though ;)

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